What WFTW means to The CALL

Every day, more than 2 dozen children and youth come into foster care through no fault of their own. Each one deserves a home, a family.

Arkansas needs more than 1,800 additional foster families for foster children and youth. More than 365 children and youth are waiting to be adopted. The CALL is reaching communities around the state, mobilizing the local Church and preparing Christian families to bring home waiting children and youth – whether for a season or forever.

 More than 1,800 Christian foster and adoptive families recruited by The CALL have changed the lives of over 11,000 children since 2007. With the help of Sponsored Walkers like you, kids like Vanessa are finding a family:

Vanessa’s Story

“If my parents hadn’t gotten involved with The CALL my story wouldn’t be what it is today. I am grateful for my life, and I am grateful for my parents teaching me about love and family.”

Children and youth like Vanessa are waiting for a home today, and we can all do something to help!

Whatever you can raise during Walk for the Waiting, you give the gift of family by expanding The CALL across Arkansas, mobilizing Arkansas’ 5,900 churches statewide and providing locally accessible training and support for foster and adoptive families in your community.


On behalf of all of us at The CALL, thanks for being a part of the Walk and helping us all make sure that every child in Arkansas has a family and a future.

Thank you,

Lauri Currier

Executive Director of The CALL


Why Jacquelyn Walks

Why am I walking?

I am walking for my future children. I am walking for your child’s college roommate or for your future daughter in law. I think so many times we forget that these kids are going to grow up and become adults. Most of them will go to college, start a career and someday have a family of their own. But some of them will live on the streets and become homeless.

I believe that our childhood plays a big part in who we are. A lot of the children in foster care learn at an early age that their survival is up to them. A lot of them have learned how to find and provide meals for themselves and their siblings before the age of 5. The older child is typically forced to raise the younger kids and they are often more mature than the majority of their peers. They are more than likely alone and by themselves most of the day, they may never step foot in a school until they enter foster care, they might not even know what church is and they will most likely be emotionally shut down because they know that no one will answer their cry. The word neglected is an understatement.

If you had a chance right now to shield them from this pain, would you? If you knew that your future daughter in law, son in law or grandchild was in foster care at this very moment, wouldn’t you want to do all you could to take them out of those tough situations and make sure they are raised in a safe and healthy environment?

Most of the children in foster care will want better for their own children and will strive to become super moms and super dads. Some of them will want to help others and may become Foster Parents, Doctors, Attorneys, Counselors, Case Workers, Teachers, Police Officers, or they may want to start a program that in some way might help foster children.

Before I started working at The CALL, I never gave foster care more than a passing glance. I had been considering changing my career but I didn’t know where the Lord wanted me next. I knew I wanted to do something that would make a difference, and the Lord brought me to The CALL.

My husband and I were considering 12291791_10205109540128530_8176117510998575058_obecoming foster parents for the last 6 months and I am happy to say that we are now on the journey to becoming foster parents! It was so easy for us to think “someone else will do it” or “I couldn’t really make a difference”.

But the facts are that if one person in every church in Arkansas would open their home, we would be meeting the need. That’s it! Sounds easy right? BUT there are many churches that do not have foster & adoption programs, or they might not recognize the local foster & adoption organizations in their community. They may not have a plan to help and encourage the current foster families in their congregation.

Walk for the Waiting is an outreach. We are going out into the community to find those churches, businesses and families that are ready to put the children’s needs before their own.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be one of the only states that doesn’t have a problem with foster care?

Wouldn’t it be remarkable for the world to see that God is here in Arkansas and changing lives?

We are not asking you to become foster parents. We are asking you to care. We are asking you to see the need. We are asking you to walk.

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