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Our amazing presenting sponsor David’s Burgers isn’t just investing in Walk for the Waiting because they are a super-family friendly restaurant with 10 locations in Central Arkansas. Nope. They are supporting The CALL, Immerse & Project Zero because they are literally walking the walk as former foster parents & adoptive parents too. If you don’t know their amazing God story please read it here in Inviting Arkansas.

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Follow their lead! Is God calling you to foster? To adopt? To walk? To give in amazing ways? We are so honored the Bubbus family answered the callings God put on their hearts & that they help us advocate for the waiting children of Arkansas!


Foster & Adoptive Sister “Why I Walk!”


Why I walk:

When I was 2 years old my parents started my family and I on a journey that would change all of our lives! We opened up as a foster home. Over the next 20 years we would have over 50 children come in and out of our home (well 2 stayed😊), some went into incredible situations some we weren’t sure about, but trusting the Lord. Some babies came for less than 24 hours while others stayed for years. But the whole time we loved them as our own! For whatever amount of time they were with us they were my brother or sister. We often get the question/concern about fostering/adopting when you have biological children in the home, and how it’ll affect them, and as one of those bio children I can tell you: DO IT!! Is it always easy? No. Do you have to share your parents? Yes. But the reward is so much greater! Not only did I get to love on kiddos all the time, but I learned something much deeper, I learned compassion, I learned to love others no matter what, it prepared me for having my own baby one day, and so much more. But one of the most important things is that as a believer it gave me a real picture of Christ, of God adopting us into His family. How we have brokenness, with a lot of baggage but He always has His arms wide open! This world became my life, and I couldn’t imagine life without fostering and adopting. It’s something I hope/plan to step into for myself and my family in the future.

I’ve been so blessed to be apart of this world and continuing in it working with Project Zero, working to find forever families for the 363 kids waiting to be adopted in the state of Arkansas. I see first hand how much these sweet kids want a forever home, permanency, love, their people being there for them, and so much more.

So I’m asking would you please donate to Walk for the Waiting? It’s this Saturday May 4 at War Memorial. All the money donated goes to Project Zero, The Call, and Immerse to help them continue fighting the fight for these Waiting kids and foster and adoptive families! We can’t do what we do without your help! So please consider donating any amount, and if you can/want register as a sponsor walker yourself! We may not all be able to foster or adopt but we can all walk and give! Thank you so much friends! #wecanalldosomething #donate #teamtatertot #nomorewaiting#oneteamonedream

Donate here:

Here are just a few of those sweet kids we had the privilege to love on over the years…

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