How WFTW impacts Project Zero

I don’t know about you, but I love having fun! I love keeping things light, engaging people in a cause, and thinking outside the box. Walk for the Waiting is no exception. From the very beginning, I was on the front lines trying to find fun ways to help people take ownership of the walk; kissing pigs, taking pies to the face, kissing kangaroos, dying hair blue. Anything for the sake of waiting kids.


I feel the same way this year, but with a twist. My heart is heavier than ever before and that heaviness has settled over me like a dark cloud. It is a heaviness filled with the faces of children/teens waiting to be adopted, children who have no voice but ours, no hope unless someone intervenes, and no chance at the future they were destined for, without the world understanding what is at stake. 

I believe with all my heart that ‘zero’ is possible. But I also know that zero won’t come with a tiny remnant of people taking up the cause. It’s going to take an army of warriors who will not rest until every single waiting child under our watch is home. Every single one. 

The funds raised from Walk for the Waiting have had a profound impact on the ministry and outcomes of Project Zero. Those funds have allowed us to pour into the lives of the waiting kids in our state with excellence, enthusiasm and grace. We have the honor of encouraging them, building hope in them and fighting for their futures. Would you join us in the fight? You can make a difference. You can help change lives. You can help us win this battle…and you might have some fun in the process!  

Love & Blessings,

Christie Erwin, Executive Director of Project Zero



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