How WFTW impacts The CALL in Pulaski County

Since WFTW 2018, The CALL in Pulaski County has been hard at work leveraging the funds raised to their maximum impact. Since last year’s Walk, The CALL in Pulaski County has helped 65 families open their homes to foster children in our community, with another 46 homes currently in process and so very close to being an official open home. That’s just the new homes! 

The CALL works in partnership with DCFS to recruit foster families through the local church. We train those families to provide a home that is safe, nurturing, and that promotes reunification. The CALL helps these families navigate the lengthy process to become an official open home through the state. And we support these homes through support groups, tangible resources such as clothing, bedding, toys, toiletries (the list really does go on and on), and through continuing education opportunities to keep our homes as equipped and healthy as possible. These families, like the Phifers who are highlighted below, are self-lessly serving the 8,000+ children and their families who are affected by foster care each year.



These new families, along with our families who opened before last year’s Walk, cared for hundreds of children who were able to return to their biological families and finalized over 45 adoptions in this one calendar year alone.

It is just shy of impossible to explain the impact a foster home, like the Phifer’s, has on the children in their care, the biological families of those children, and the greater community.

We will continue to recruit, train, and support foster families to be a safe place for children in foster care until they can be reunited with their biological families.  

Thank you for your support of our mission financially to have No Waiting Children in Pulaski County. With your continued support, we can truly make a difference in the lives of these families for generations to come!

Joe Snyder,

County Coordinator, The CALL in Pulaski County




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