Instant Family – Instant Action

I love movies. All kinds of movies…war movies, westerns, suspense movies, romantic comedies, movies about bravery and heroism, and movies where love conquers all. Just this past year, the movie Instant Family made a big splash at the theatre, bringing into focus the kids in care, the need for foster families and adoptive families, and the process for earning your foster family stripes. Foster families who saw the movie shared it was an accurate portrayal of foster life (despite some irreverence), and that they were moved to laugh and cry.


Have you ever watched a scene from a movie that you wanted to turn away, but you couldn’t? The action unfolding on the screen had you riveted? That’s foster care and adoption. God is calling you to follow him into that scene and you just can’t turn away. He’s calling you to do something on behalf of His precious kids in care. Everyone can do something…

What can you do today? It’s pretty simple. Today you can register for Walk for the Waiting as a sponsored walker. Build a team of sponsored walkers. Invite your church family to participate. You can raise funds to support 3 nonprofits – The CALL, Immerse  and Project Zero. Every dollar you raise as a sponsored walker will connect children and youth in care with a foster or adoptive family or connect a youth in transitioning out of foster care with a support network. 

We need you to walk. We need you to engage your network to support the work of these three organizations. But, most of all, the kids in foster care need you. Go to right now to register as a sponsored walker and walk with us on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at War Memorial Stadium!

~ Lauri Currier, Executive Director, The CALL


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