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Our story started about 4 1/2 years ago.  Bill McCoy, retired Pastor of The Church of Sherwood, and his wife, Kay, took in 4 kids, under a Permanent Guardianship.  Ages 3, 5, 7, and 9.  The. McCoy’s are like second parents to us.  Robert, grew up in that church with his parents.  The McCoy’s and The Cross’s are best friends, and started that church together with other families, years ago.  Mr. McCoy married Robert and I.  Their 3 children are dear friends to us.

I always say this picture is truly the beginning.  It is my daughter Julianne’s 4th Birthday party.  Brandon’s 4 biological siblings are there sitting with my 2 kiddos.  The next day all of our lives would start to intertwine.

Bill sent out a mass text message stating, “Does anyone know someone who has an open Foster home?  Our 4 kids,  Bio parents had a baby, and it tested positive for drugs, so it immediately went into DHS custody.”

At that time, we didn’t know gender, or health of the baby.  When I tell people this, I know they think I am crazy.  When I got that message, I immediately felt like this baby is going to be mine.  I called Robert and asked him, what should we do.  He did not hesitate.  He said, call DHS and find out what we have to do to be foster parents, and go from there.

The case worker, asked me if I had any relationship to the child, or guardians of the siblings.  We do not.  She said, you can’t just pick a baby and say, I want to foster/adopt this one.  Then she told me to contact, The Call of Pulaski CO.  We went to an information meeting and knew, even if it doesn’t work out with this child, we had to do something.  There is such a need out there.

Bill McCoy, sees the word “no” as a negotiation.  He contacted the case worker, her supervisor, her supervisor, and eventually got in Milton Grahams ear.  He told him, that he is close to a couple, that are Christians and are getting trained through, The Call, and are  trying to get this baby to keep him close to his siblings.  Also, his 4 had not met their brother and they were getting anxious  Mr. Graham called Robert and then Me.  He asked us why we wanted to pursue this.    We pretty much echoed each other.  We felt called to do this, and we really wanted this child to know and grow up around his biological siblings.  Mr. Graham said, “we need more loving families like you two.  If you can get your home open before the child is 6 months old, we will pursue moving him to your home.”

Through all the discouragement, we still persisted.  Our home was open in less than 4 months.  He came to live with us when he was 4 months old.  Since then, I have gained a new best friend, his first foster mom and her family.  They moved recently, out of state, and still made it back for Brandon’s adoption.  I also gained 4 new kiddo’s to love on.  I knew them, but didn’t know them on a personal level.  It was awesome to introduce them to their brother.  Since that time, the girls especially, spend lots of weekends with us.  We spend every holiday together, and of course we make everyone’s birthday special.

After Brandon’s 2nd birthday 11-21-17 we finally received  the date of his adoption.  December 11, 2017, he officially became Brandon David Cross.  It was truly a celebration.

We have been blessed beyond belief.  Not only is he the sweetest baby ever, he is very smart, and above or on par developmentally.  Everyone loves Brandon.  We have a saying in our house, the first 2 were born in my tummy, but we all chose Brandon to be a part of our hearts, and our family.  We love The Call, and I am a huge advocate for foster care.  We need more foster & adoptive families!! 30550754_1930298263661665_880219495_o

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