What WFTW means to Immerse Arkansas

Since the beginning of this year, Immerse has provided support to almost 50 youth in crisis – that’s more than THREE TIMES the number of youth we served for the whole year in 2013 (when the Walk began). 
Each day, we walk with youth in crisis by providing tailored support to help them find hope and healing. With the help of a guide, the youth’s plan is focused on finding safe and stable housing, improving their well-being, forming permanent healing relationships, and increasing their earning potential through education and work.
We get to see these youth become Overcomer’s. We get to see many stories unfold of persistence and perseverance.  Here’s Mic’s story. Her ability to overcome and succeed has been amazing to watch:

In addition to directly supporting youth, we launched Immerse Families last year to improve support for foster and adoptive families. Our belief is that if we support foster and adoptive families well, kids in foster care and kids who find forever families, will have the permanent relationships they need to successfully navigate life. The better we support these families, the better they can help their children heal from trauma.

This effort is less than a year old, but the team driving the support is already making an incredible difference. In fact, we just held our first Youwannago Family Camp a few weeks ago. It was an incredible time of encouragement and fun for these amazing families. Below is the promotional video that will give you an idea of the camp:

Thank you so much for being a part of the Walk. It’s an incredible help to the youth and families we serve at Immerse. I truly believe that with God’s help, Arkansas can get to no more waiting!

Walking with you,
Eric Gilmore
Executive Director

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