#ForeverFamilyFriday – Webb Family

This is a story about perfect timing, from a foster and now adoptive new dad’s perspective…

  On a Thursday night in February 2016, we were headed home after just picking up a 5 year old boy from his current foster home.  Becca had agreed to watch him for a weekend, his current foster mom was going out of town. At the time we had our now adopted son and two other foster kids in our home.  Becca by this time had around 8 years of parenting under her belt, but I was a fairly new dad. And any new, honest dad will tell you parenting can be a little overwhelming at first. But it was just for the weekend and Kenny seemed to fit right in.  

  Our youngest foster child at this time, “J” had been with us since July 2015, when she was just a few days old.  The rest of that year was spent in and out of Childrens’ Hospital, with a couple of extended stays in the NICU, dealing with J’s many health issues.  In spite of the challenges, we loved “J” as our own. And as we got ready to start the weekend with our house guest, she had really turned a corner and seemed like a normal healthy, happy baby.  We had a great weekend. Kenny and our oldest son Lamar got along great. Kenny, in spite of his special needs, just seemed happy all the time. At the end of the weekend we took Kenny back to his foster home.  We then learned this was Kenny’s 3rd foster placement, and he was about to be moved again. We talked and prayed. Kenny’s biggest need was stability, and a routine. As crazy as our home seemed at the time with three kids, we just felt Kenny’s next stop needed to be with us.  We were warned by those involved in Kenny’s case of his challenges. But the more we heard, the more it confirmed what we felt we were being led to do. Kenny was coming home.

  A few days later we got a call.  Unexpectedly, the decision had been made that “J” would be placed with an aunt & uncle to live.  We were surprised, shocked, devastated that we wouldn’t have “J” in our lives anymore. We were torn. We knew God was in control, but our desires and vision for the future was not this.  We were hurting. But we kept going, kept trusting Him.

  A short time later, another call.  Kenny had a younger sister. They had been split up with the thought that Lynn would be more likely to find a forever home by herself than in a sibling group with a special needs brother.  “Are you able, and would you consider having Kenny and Lynn in your home together,” we were asked.  This past December, right before Christmas, Kenny and Lynn became a part of our forever family.

  This story, our story, is a story of God’s perfect timing.  Becca and I, both married previously, both ending in divorce, crossed paths at just the right time.  We both desired a family, and through adoption, God gave us our son Lamar, and Kenny, and Lynn. We have had a few foster placements in our home, and we have loved them all unconditionally.  When each placement leaves, it hurts. But “C” and “C” and “J” and “V” came to us because it was just the right time for them to be in our home. And while we have cried every time they leave, it was all in perfect timing.  His timing!




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