Prayer team for the Walk

As we’re quickly approaching the Walk, there is a small group of folks that are connecting via email to pray for the Walk and for waiting children.  Here’s a note from Kara Gilmore this morning that will encourage and challenge all of us.  If you’d like to join the prayer team, please shoot Kara a note (

Here’s the invitation to pray from Kara:

I am so thankful for each of you joining this journey of prayer as we approach the Walk for the Waiting!
John 6 records the account of Jesus feeding the multitude with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. As I was recently reading this passage, I was so encouraged to thank God for the loaves and fish He has provided for the multitudes here in Arkansas!
First of all, the multitudes in the passage are many. They are hungry. They need. And, Jesus asks his disciples, “Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?”. The disciples surely thought, “We can’t meet these needs, Lord.”
This reminds me of the foster children in Arkansas. They are many. They are hungry, albeit for food or for family.  They need.
And, we have only a few loaves and a couple fish. We are only human and see our limitations clearly. “We can’t meet these needs, Lord.”
But, Jesus gives thanks! He thanks His Father for the limited amount and distributes to the disciples. In the same way, He still distributes to us! He still invites us to feed the hungry with His power and He will be the one to provide! Isn’t it neat how He gave to the disciples and the disciples had the opportunity to hand it to the hungry men, women, and children?! His invitation still stands!
Let’s thank Him today for the multitude of children, whose faces and names and stories He knows!
Let’s thank Him for pulling these organizations together and for forming them through His church!
Let’s thank Him for the many, many families He has touched and called to foster, adopt, and mentor these precious ones!
Let’s thank Him for distributing through us! What a party to do this with Him.
Let’s thank Him for being Lord, for providing for all of us, and for loving us all so much.
When He looked upon the crowd, He had compassion on them. We thank Him for his compassion and mercies! Let’s start our prayer journey thanking and worshiping Him today for all He has already done and what He plans on doing.
He is good!

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  1. All through the Bible God tells us that He loves and cares for the orphans and widows. It is our calling to take care of these children who have no homes. We are called up to accept that responsibility and to share the love of God with them. We are to step forward and take these children into our arms and homes as Jesus would.

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